Palivo/ doslovne udržateľná móda 2018-2019
Drevo, kov, zvyškový textil...

Stále rastúca rodina objektov
ktoré sú úvahou o veľmi prítomnom vzťahu  módy a enviromentu / 
dopade módneho priemyslu na životné prostredie. 
Kladie otázku ako prítomna je príroda/prirodzenosť v módnom priemysle.
Kolekcia vznikla ako antióda oslavných hymien, 
ktoré spievame so zaklonenou hlavou a očami zatvorenými 
smerom k módnym nebesám.
Selekcia drevených bakúľ sa diala veľmi intuitívne a prirodzene,
 v lesoch Francúzskeho Ardèche,
v Amsterdamských parkoch a mestských perifériách a na Fatranských lúkach, 
kam som chodievala
pacificky loviť svoje múzy a nechávala sa očarovať elementárnou archetypálnosťou
 a silou materiálu neopracovaného dreva, 
ktorá pochádza z jeho pravdivosti, jedinečnosti a neopakovateľnosti. 
 Z nepotreby na argumenty pre svoju existenciu.
Po zasadení do módneho kontextu jasným kontrastom poukazuje
 na svoju vlastnú surovú prirodzenosť vo svete neprirodzenosti, 
ktorý kráča rýchlosťou svetla do akejsi tmy, ktorá síce láka vojsť, 
no z ktorej týmto metaforicky robím krok naspäť,
a potom ešte dva...
S nádejou uviesť romantiku módneho priemyslu na pravú mieru.


Self portrait titled :

The struggle of not being a young mother songwritter 

Indian Express 
at Pieter Langendijkstraat 37
1054XX Amsterdam


thinking of wedding dresses as one use objects, questioning it´s functionaliy and symbolism,
 I stress the big white idea of  virginty, the cultural and religious tradition and
the promises of loving someone, loving them forever...

but nein

the fashion collection catwalked at the Rietveld Show 2016, Europahal , RAI Amsterdam



Growing up
A jewel
surgical steel, cut & filed nails



My Graduation fashion collection
Gerrit Rietveld Academie 

The search for freedom being one of the main themes for this generation 
of emerging artists and designers, 
Nikola took it to the extreme for her graduation project. 
It is a collection of garments behind which there is no pre conceptualized idea other than
 the materials being used, damaged or acquired from free sources.
 It is the direct contact with the fabric, without patternmaking 
and without the use of a ruler.
 It is the sensual experience of colors and materials and shapes
 in space and time,
 a celebration of the creation and the existence of it. 
It is a physical metaphor for what I perceive, believe in and am… 
It is what it wants to be.”

Words, as she pointed out in her thesis,
 by definition fail to capture the reality freed from human conceptualizing.  
Freedom, whatever the word represents, is always worth striving for.   

The white horse sculpture 
glazed and fired clay



coat by definition: A coat is a garment worn by 
both men and women, for warmth or fashion.
 Coats typically have long sleeves and are open down the front, 
closing by means of buttons, zippers, hook-and-loop fasteners,
 toggles, a belt, or a combination of some of these.

blanket by definition: A blanket is a type of bedding
It is, generally speaking, a large piece of woven cloth,
 intended to keep the user warm, especially
 while sleeping or lying down.
 A blanket traps the radiant heat from the user's body, 
and instead of dissipating into the air, it warms the user. 
It also protects against heat being lost by convection.

My Coat I and Coat II work wa selected for 
The National Design Award of Slovakia in 2015
the work was exhibited in SATELIT gallery

Vaze posing
glazed and fired clay


Sins’N’Pains is an anti-fashion statement, 
refusing to change by seasons,
 determinant to find, 
create and keep images that can stay permanently,
 above trends and for all times.



is a simple form made of artifical leather, 
a cloth sack carried on one's back skin
 and secured with a toilette plunger 
instead of the straps that go over the shoulders.
It has got a capacity of around 2 kg in weight 
and it leaves beautiful hickeys on the skin

Something I made and lost and miss
glazed and fired clay, gold, quartz






2 espresso cups made  for Jelle,

glazed and fired clay, silver

Prvá Láska /First Love
ceramics collection
glazed and fired clay




The German bottoms

Selection of the German Bottoms from a publiction
 about the German gallery and museum floors


kone a muchy 

212 mm x 330 mm 
drawing + typewritting 

prints on heavy sheets available
 for sale

almost A4
190 mm x 297 mm  
15 eur

almost A3
270 mm x 420 mm
20 eur



A product  result of an experimental workshop with Sonja Baumel, 
a bio scientist/artist with the purpose to grow curiosity about living materials.
After a proces of growing my own bactera Kombucha,
 a lightly effervescent fermented drink produced by cultivating a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast in a green tea medium, 
I applied a layer of  functionaity. 
 The Diaper is a prototype of an experimental idea of how the microbial material could be used. 
Kombucha culture, when dried, becomes a leather-like textile known as a microbial cellulose 
 that can be molded onto forms to create seamless clothing.
 It also has an ability to re-absorb liquids. 
I decided to use this attribute for creating a diaper pad which can serve to absorb bodily liquids. 
And because the whole science was a bit too serious for me, 
I decided to document it in a joke ´teleshopping like´ easthetics and make a video work, in addition


A minicollection inspired by the slavic traditional costumes
showed on The Rietveld Fashion Show 2017

presented in WOW Amsterdam



Installation, 2017
The questioning of things and how they appear

A painting I made
My parents hid in the basement while I was gone
acrylic paint, wood





METAL magazine,
METAL is an independent publishing project 
with a curious eye and an international spirit,
 a heady mix of fashion, photography and art.
I wrote some texts for METAL magazine 
during my internship in their team ( writer position )

and many more...


Image result for droog amsterdam the price of fashion


The Price of Fashion : Fashion Charity Auction and Debate,
Inaugural Fashion Charity Auction and Debate moderated by Aynouk Tan
This fashion charity auction generated  funds through auctioning
clothing items from well-known figures in the Dutch community.
This auction was complemented with a debate uncovering the value of fashion,
how its context changes when discussing it next to the refugee crisis,
how clothing gains significance through experience, in effect – what is the price of fashion?

Melting candles

a metaforical consideration of the mysteries of the feeling of disappointment 
in love
performed in a monologue with my candles

spin the bottle is a party game in which several (or more) players 
sit, stand, or kneel in a circle. 
A bottle is placed on the floor in the center of the circle.
 A player spins the bottle,
 and must kiss the person to whom the bottle points when it stops spinning 

Performed at KHL, Amsterdam / Broodje gezond







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